You have an estate sale coming up.  The owners are going to want you to remove everything that is left.  You don't have the time or resources to deal with all the left over contents. It would take hours going back and forth to the donation drop off and, even then, some of the stuff, they won't take.


Our professional staff will come and asses the situation for you and help you determine the best course of action. 

  • Option A - One time Content removal fee.
  • Option B - Removal at no cost to you.
  • Option C - Buyout entire estate contents and removal.

Our pricing model is based on the amount of and value of the content that needs to be removed.  Some items actually cost more to remove and dispose of that their actual value and can affect your overall estimate..


Usually, within 48 hours our professional staff will remove all remaining contents from the estate, and leave everything broom clean.

  • Organizing, boxing and labelling remaining contents;  
  • Emptying cupboards, drawers, shelves, closets, dressers;
  • Clearing out sheds, garage, attic, crawling space;
  • Sorting out house contents into "Sellable", "Donation", "Disposal" categories;
  • Removing furniture, appliances and home decor;  
  • Arranging donation/disposal of unwanted clothing, furniture, trinkets, household items;
  • Finding new home for orphaned books and plants. 

Estate Buy-Outs are a Great Option when:

  1. The estate needs to generate an immediate income.
  2. Heirs and other family members decide not to have a public estate sale. (We always recommend working with an estate sale first to maximize your revenue)
  3. There is not enough time to properly stage an estate sale.
  4. Estate items are located in a storage facility.
  5. The residence is a condominium, apartment, or anywhere where estate sales are not permitted.
  6. The total value of the estates personal property is not high enough to consign to an auction, or engage the services of an estate sales company.

Please note: We make every effort to find a new home or point of sale for all the household items from liquidated property, This takes time and money. Our estimates include any costs for transporting and professional disposal of unwanted items. Contact us today for a free assessment.